Shower Screens Installation Sydney – Why install a shower screen?

1. Comfort

At the time of taking a shower, the water splashes and goes outside? It is one of the big problems of the classic curtains. When you install a screen, you will end this problem. You will not have to be aware of if water comes out and you will avoid having to scrub when you finish the floor.

2. Hygiene

Thanks to their manufacturing material, they have great resistance to moisture, shampoos, and gels. For this reason, more lasting hygiene is maintained in the bathroom; in fact, the curtains tend to mold very quickly and end up deteriorating.

3. Thermal insulator

A standard glass shower or bath screen has a protection system that provides perfect insulation for colder climates. It is mainly noticed in the temperature changes that occur in winter. With the screen, you keep the heat, creating a perfect climate to avoid being cold while you take a shower.

4. Decorative element

It is not the same to enter a bathroom where there is a curtain than a glass screen. These rigid elements undoubtedly create an elegant aesthetic that can be combined with other decorative elements of the bathroom.

Currently, there are many models and styles of shower screens, from the most classic with homogeneous shapes to the most modern and minimalist. 

5. Security

For many people, seeing a large glass plate creates a bit of confusion in terms of safety, but precisely these elements are safer than any curtain or accessory. The manufacturing is done with tempered glass, creating a strong resistance.

6. Cleaning

It is one of the easiest tasks; cleaning the screen glass is very simple. You only need to apply the recommended products, and in a few minutes, they will be bright again and most importantly, without germs. Cleaning normal shower curtains is more expensive and does not clean thoroughly.

7. Adaptability

Choosing the best option of bathtub or shower screen with different measures adjusting to what you have. Some time ago, there were not as many manufacturers as today, so you have the option to choose between different models with different characteristics.

8. Price

They have listed this factor because the profitability of a glass screen is huge, and prices are not high. To determine the final price will depend on the model, thickness, size, closure, etc. If you want Shower Screens Installation Sydney in your bathroom, contact them, and they will advise you without obligation.

9. Speedy Shower Screens Installation Sydney

KITCHENLOGIX has more than 30 years of experience in the sector, so once the general conditions have been agreed with the customer, they can install quickly.