Wardrobe Manufacturer in Sydney

We can always use more space to store our stuff! Although finding it can be a challenge, that’s why furniture such as wardrobes and drawers are inevitable in our furniture. The best thing is that today, in addition to being functional, they provide design and style to our space.

And if this is the option, maybe you could consider some extra points to know how to choose the best one. We want to help you do it, so this time we are going to give you the tips that you have to keep in mind when choosing your wardrobe design sydney so you can order your chaos and save your treasures.

Measure your space

Where will your wardrobe go? The bedroom tends to be the obvious answer, but sometimes it can be in a living room, or in the hallway anyway, you must be very clear where you want to install it.

It is very important to measure height, width, and depth. When doing so, remember to consider a space around at least one meter in front of the custom wardrobe design Sydney, so you can open the doors without problems. If you don’t have it, your option is to choose one with sliding doors.

Choose one that suits your needs

Think about what you want to keep, and check if the wardrobe you like has enough bars, drawers, and shelves, in case you use it for clothes, or if it has wider spaces, to store boxes or bedding. One standard is about 50 cm deep. For small spaces, there are some 35 cm deep, with drawers and /or shelves. The storage units are shelves or hangers to hang the jackets. It should be noted that some models also have a pocket to store small items such as socks.

Choose the look

There are wardrobes of varied materials, almost all based on wood, but the important thing is how it will look in your space. Keep in mind the colour you choose, as it must combine with the rest of your furniture and decoration. Remember that it is still possible to paint it if you later change the colour scheme of your home.

Other possibilities

If you don’t like wardrobes very much or don’t have room for one, there are other ways to store your clothes, as well as furniture. One of them is the beds with storage. There are several models, and with them, you avoid having many more furniture in your piece.

On the other hand, there are hangers, which allow you to order your clothes and leave it insight, and are becoming a trend. Hangers, combined with shelves, shoemakers, and boxes, can give your bedroom a unique look.

The brand and the price

Making the right choice of Wardrobe Manufacturer in Sydney is a difficult task since the ranges are wide, but KITCHENLOGIX is proving to offer the best wardrobe. The products are particularly effective, aesthetic, and functional. The prices are totally affordable, and the quality is premium.

These tips will help you when choosing wardrobes for all your spaces, not just your piece, so keep them in mind and find one that is perfect for you and your decoration.